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Happy World Savings Day!

Happy World Savings Day!


​​​​​​​​​​​​BRUSSELS, 31 October 2018​​​​

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The following statement from WSBI announces World Savings Day 2018 celebrated today.

Savings helps people make their hopes and dreams come true. Like a Disney film that always starts with an “I wish" song like “When you wish upon a star?", our hopes and dreams as people oftentimes start with a quest to save for something. That's why this year's World Savings Day theme is “What do you wish for?".

​Stories from World Savings Day 2018

​It is nothing short of inspiring to see the efforts of young people – and​ not so young – see their hopes and dreams come true through savings.​

​As savings are a ​path making dreams realised, World Savings Day is a perfect moment to stories about savings and to celebrate the dreams people are saving for. 

World Savings Day 2018 does just that. People around the world are sharing via social media via Twitter using hashtage #whatdoyouwishfor?and  #worldsavingsday2018. Savings and retail banking association WSBI has prepared videos too. At this year's WSBI World Savings Day kick-off in Brussels on 24 October, a set of videos were unveiled featuring young adults produced in three languages – English, French and Spanish. Thos videos have been seen by thousands of people around ​​the world.

​The story savings is a global story. Take Africa, for instance. In Morocco, students from an engineering school shared their hopes and dreams via video at the kick-off. Those students also shared how savings can help meet them. In Botswana, WSBI member bank BSB gave us a taste of face-to-face events in an area hundreds of kilometres from capital Gaborone​. ​​ 

Why it's important for WSBI and member savings and retail banks

People often wonder about the connection between WSBI and its member banks with World Savings Day. The answer goes back to the birthplace of World Savings Day in 1924 in Italy. WSBI members first declared the day then and have continued to commemorate it around the world ever since.

For WSBI and its members, World Savings Day places added focus on the stabilising role played by savings and retail banking in the overall financial system. It evokes some of the ethos of local banks: responsible partners in communities, close to the customer, serving households, small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) and local authorities. WSBI member banks demonstrate their locally focused approach to banking through World Savings Day activities in the communities they serve. We have examples of what's been done in countries around the world.  

WSBI and ESBG members know that giving people a chance to save money in a safe and rewarding way boosts financial inclusion and can help erase poverty. Savings are a basic financial service, a pathway to other things too…payments, small business financing and insurance. To go even deeper, savings is pathway to personal development. In other words, savings helps people to “grow".​​

>> Learn more about World Savings Day

>> Share on Twitter: #whatdoyouwishfor? | #worldsavingsday2018



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