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HFC Bank wins CYFI Pioneer Award

HFC Bank wins CYFI Pioneer Award

>> WSBI member innovates in financial inclusion for young people







​​​BRUSSELS, 11 December 2015 HFC Bank Ghana has won the CYFI Pioneer Award for having developed an interest bearing youth savings account.

The bank has participated in several promotional programs to reach out to new youth clients. Some of these programmes have included partnering with Child and Youth Finance​ (CYFI) and the Securties and Exchange Commission in Ghana to celebrate World Savings Day.

The 2015 Awards ceremony recognized those that achieved greatness, and those who demonstrated innovation in financial inclusion and financial, social and livelihoods education for children and youth at the national, regional and international level.

Building a financially inclusive society

WSBI and ESBG members are committed to building a financially inclusive society, by providing access to adapted financial services to all categories of the population, including poor and low-income households and small entrepreneurs. They look to boost accessibility and affordability of banking products, as well as the development of proximity networks, including in remote and underserved areas.

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