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Savings banks celebrated in Germany

Savings banks celebrated in Germany



Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe gathers behind "Gemeinsam Allem Gewachsen": "Together - up to anything"

>> Watch German Chancellor Angela Merkel address (in German)

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>> May 16 keynote address by DSGV President Helmut Schleweis

​HAMBURG, 15 May 2019 – Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at the opening session of the 26th « Sparkassentag », or "savings banks day" – being held today and tomorrow in Hamburg, the German city where the first European savings bank was founded in 1778. The annual event marks how since its founding until today, savings banks focus on financial and social inclusion of citizens. Chancellor  Merkel, echoed that point in her remarks (in German, starts at 11:14).

Opening press conference

On the eve of the German Savings Banks Day in Hamburg, the WSBI-ESBG member DSGV organised a kick-off press conference with DSGV President Helmut Schleweis and Dr. Ing. Harald Vogelsang, President of the Hanseatic Sparkassen- and Giroverbandes and Spokesman of the Board of Hamburger Sparkasse.

Hamburg Declaration

A "Hamburg Declaration" was released the day of the press conference. The key terms within the Hamburg Declaration are words such as "common" or "community". They permeate in all eight sections of the Hamburg Declaration, the range of topics ranging from the municipal to European level: "A village, a city or a whole country are attractive only by the people who live there together," formulated the overall board of the German savings banks and Giroverband for example. Likewise, the panel agrees: "The economic, socia​​l and environmental challenges of the future are so great that they can only be solved jointly by European states."


Video: Press conference (in German) on 14 May.


"Together - up to anything" ​

​​The motto of the 26th German Savings Banks Day "Together - up to anything" expresses challenge and confidence alike, write the members of the Board – the men and women of savings banks, Landesbanken and the regional savings banks associations and representatives of municipal associations for the carriers of the public service Institute – in the preface of the "Hamburg Declaration". As the core task of the savings banks, they state: "Sparkassen ensure financial and thus social participation." For centuries, through economic and political crises and across different political systems, this has distinguished the savings banks and distinguished them from their competitors. 

According to the declaration, engaging in participation also means securing "prosperity for all" for the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. It is important to shape globalisation and digitization "so that all people can exercise their right to economic and social participation permanently and reliably."​​​​ 

​In terms of economic policy, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe clearly supports  German medium-sized companies or "Mittelstand": The preservation of efficient medium-sized economic structures is not self-evident in an increasingly globalised and digitized world. Therefore, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe demands "more commitment to such structures and the necessary framework conditions." Savings banks, Landesbanken and their affiliated partners therefore maintain close business relationships with three quarters of German companies. They finance almost one in two start-ups and provide more than 40 percent of all corporate loans.

Image: Hamburg Declaration (in German) 

"We are part of the local community - and that's how we understand each other," says the DSGV Board of Directors summing up the "Hamburg Declaration". Elementary for the committee is to invest in cohesion in Germany: "The strengthening of the community, the building of bridges between different population groups and more mutual understanding are crucial future tasks of our country."​

>> May 16 keynote address by DSGV President Helmut Schleweis

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