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Financial literacy – one of the key priorities of Belarusbank

Financial literacy – one of the key priorities of Belarusbank

​This year Belarusbank, a member of WSBI, celebrates its 95th anniversary. The oldest and largest commercial bank of Belarus is a leader of Belarusian banking industry and has recently started the implementation of the state programme that aims to increase financial literacy in the country. According to bank representatives, the main goal of this campaign is to introduce customers to new banking technologies and products.

In the first half of 2017 Belarusbank organised around 4000 seminars, presentations, round table discussions, extracurricular activities, courses, contests and interactive games where more than 150 000 people participated. Approximately one third of all activities took place in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

In order to continue the efforts of increasing financial literacy in the country, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has initiated the new action plan for 2019-2023. Government authorities and representatives of financial organisations are working together on the new plan which ensures that financial literacy in Belarus remains high on the agenda.

Financial inclusion is an important area of work for WSBI and its members, and it has become one of the most essential international policy issues worldwide to help address social-economic development and economic growth, especially in the aftermath of financial crisis.

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