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Peruvian WSBI member committed to micro-entrepreneurs

Peruvian WSBI member committed to micro-entrepreneurs

Peruvian municipal savings banks most committed, most effective banks for micro-enterprises 

​BRUSSELS, 30 April 2015 ​​– Peruvian municipal savings banks are the most committed and most effective financial institutions in Peru as regards the provision of adapted products and services to micro-entrepreneurs. Eager to take advantage of the technological innovation wave that is disrupting the financial sector, the Federation of Municipal Savings Banks – FEPCMAC – and the savings bank of Huancayo have organised an international seminar on “strategies for innovation and Sustainability in Microfinance” on 23-24 April, which gathered 300 participants. 

WSBI and other international experts coming from Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and Brazil have shared their most recent innovative policies that address financial access and increase the sustainability of the sector.

Microfinance; Microcredit; SME finance; Financial inclusion