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WSBI member FEPCMAC e-educates Peruvians on savings

WSBI member FEPCMAC e-educates Peruvians on savings

​​​​BRUSSELS, 6 November 2017 ​ ​In Peru, the Municipal Savings and Credit Banks gathered to offer free online training sessions aiming to help Peruvians citizens to know more about the financial services offered on the market. The Peruvian Federation created Tu caja, tu cuenta (Your bank, your account), a financial inclusion programme educating people at every step of their life.

Through this training system, classes are followed in a virtual classroom, followed by exchanges on social networks where people can share their opinions and doubts, ask questions about financial services that the savings banks are offering.

Including all sections of society

The kids programme is dedicated to youth between 6 and 13. They get to know about the origins of money, what savings is and how to use the financial sector as a tool to succeed. Teenagers can strengthen these skills by learning how to build a budget and controlling thei​r spending and how these can be of great help in case of unexpected events.

The programme dedicated to adults is meant to those working for a certain amount time and/or, having a family. Among other things, it concretely teach savings management techniques, the essential role of insurance, what contracting a loan concretely means. Seniors can also follow special courses dedicated to retirement.

The main goal is to create a unique space where anyone can learn at any age thanks to different classes for each generation.​


Financial inclusion; Financial education