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How is innovation shaping savings & retail banks?

How is innovation shaping savings & retail banks?

Latest 'WSBI Exchange' video says its shaping them in a profound way.

>> Watch: WSBI Exchange video: Episode #6​

>> See: WSBI Innovation & Digitisation hub 

>> Visit: WSBI Innovation Insights page

BRUSSELS, 26 June 2018 – Innovation and digitisation is changing savings and retail banks from around the world in a profound way. One result is that it helps more people get access to basic financial services.

In the latest episode of "Exchange", WSBI's video news roundup published today, host Sean Brish explains that retail bank innovation and FinTechs are reshaping the way banks and people connect. Since the early days of ATMS to today's contactless payments and banking apps, banks are taking a digital path while keeping a local touch. 

To help savings and retail banks tap into the "digital wave", WSBI-ESBG has built out an innovation hub to help members on the business side and policy front. WSBI-ESBG experts work on several digital workstreams, backing public policy that fuels breakthroughs and trying to protect customer info. A dedicated webpage on the WSBI-ESBG website shows how. It shares how bankers approach digital banking to help people have better access to bank services. 

​See the video below.

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