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European Stock Market Learning highlighted in new video

European Stock Market Learning highlighted in new video

Shows positive impact ESBG-supported initiative has on thousands of students.

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​​​​BRUSSELS, 13 July 2016 – ESBG recently commissioned the production of a video on the European Stock Market Learning (ESML) awards ceremony held in Salerno. The video features interviews of students, teachers and participating savings banks in the ESML. The video also summarizes the European event, which was held in mid-April in Salerno, Italy, and hosted by Fondazione Casa di Risparmio Salernitana, a member of ACRI, who is a member of ESBG.

The 7-minute piece aims to highlight the impact that this financial education initiative has on many students each year, showcasing the excellent collaboration between teachers, savings banks both at national and European levels. 

>> Watch the video

​A national and cross-border competition for teams of pupils (15 and older) and students run by European savings and retail banks, ESML aims at increasing the knowledge of young people on business and financial affairs through an online simulation of financial investments.

This latest edition was supported by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). André Laboul, Deputy Director of the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs and Chair of the International Network on Financial Education, acted as Patron of the Awards Ceremony and highlighted in his keynote address "that the ESML perfectly matches the work of the OECD to promote financial education and is a fantastic way of learning, not only about the stock market, but also about the fundamentals and rationale of the economy".​

About the ESML

The ESML started in 1983, in Germany. Since 1999, other ESBG members have joined the initiative, and nowadays there are five participating countries. About 7.5 million pupils and students have already participated in the annual stock market simulation, which counts with more than 45,000 teams per year.  The Eur​opean Stock Market Learning is coordinated by ESBG.​

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