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Ethics and Trust in Finance Competition

Ethics and Trust in Finance Competition
  • ​​​​Call for candidates

  • Closing: 31 May 2021

BRUSSELS, 20 August 2020 – Swiss-based Observatoire de la Finance calls candidates to apply for the Prize Ethics and Trust in Finance for a Sustainable Future. The competition invites people under the age of 35 working in or studying finance to reimagine how financial institutions can provide a meaningful response to the changing needs of the communities in which they operate. How together with their stakeholders, they can balance the desire for growth, security and stability for the postpandemic world.

The Ethics and Trust in Finance Prize promotes new ways of thinking about the big challenges facing the global economy and strives to work with inspiring minds and behaviours from across the financial and academic ecosystems to conceive of new models and shape better practices that strengthen the foundations upon which we build our world.

Why the prize matters 

The launch of the 8th edition of the global prize will encourage candidates to reflect on the role of ethics to help shape a more sustainable and resilient financial system for the future. Such intellectual effort is made all the more necessary and urgent by the recurring financial crises in the last decades, the mounting challenge of climate change and the current pandemic which has already triggered considerable financial stress and may plunge the world in a major economic and social crisis. The subjects of ethics and trust in finance have a pivotal role to play in bringing about a positive change in our future, post-pandemic world. We look forward to exploring bright new ideas from a diverse group of brilliant people.

Who can participate

The competition invites young professionals and academics under 35 years of age to submit unpublished papers: 

  • maximum of 5000 words; 
  • analytical or practical topics; 
  • rigorous argumentation; 
  • innovative approach; and
  • clear conclusions.

An international jury comprising of prominent experts in finance and ethics will designate in autumn 2021 one or more prize winners and allocate the sum of US$20,000 between them.