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Ensuring a steady breeze

Ensuring a steady breeze

WSBI-ESBG News & Views highlights companies based in Germany benefiting from their relationship with their local Sparkasse. 

Photo: Emplyoees of punker GmbH - a globally connected ventilation system solutions provider 


BRUSSELS, 20 June 2016 – The upcoming edition of WSBI-ESBG News & Views highlights companies based in Germany who have benefited from their relationship with their local Sparkasse. Here's a look at one of the SME success stories from the country.

Company: punker GmbH

Address: Niewark 1, 24340 Eckernförde, Germany

Supported by the Förde Sparkasse Kiel, Eckernförde, Germany-based punker GmbH puts its focus on what customers need. As Europe's largest manufacturer of metal fan wheels, punker makes all of its tailor-made products to meet customer requirements.

Founded in 1954, it boasts close to 22,000 different types of wheels available for use in household appliances, air-conditioning systems or railway equipment, covering a wide spectrum from tumble dryers to locomotives. In addition, punker wheels are particularly quiet and energy-efficient. Technology used for manufacturing the wheels has also been developed by punker. It is this combination of tailor-made customer solutions and innovative products that makes punker unique worldwide. And with the "punker excellence programme", the company has set the standard for a lean organisation.

​Business model: Ventilation system solutions

Established: 1954 in Eckernförde

​Workforce: Approximately 300 employees worldwide

Turnover: Approximately €38 million worldwide (2014)

Export: More than 50 percent of production to more than 1,000 customers on all continents

Subsidiary: United States, since 2011

Supported by: Förde Sparkasse Kiel


SME finance; Capital Markets; Capital Markets Union