EU Commission Energy Efficiency Financing Group includes BPCE expert

​French member's Arnoud Berger to represent ESBG in permanent working group.​

​​​​BRUSSELS, 11 March 2016 – BPCE's Arnaud Berger will represent ESBG on a permanent working group set to tackle the need for financing energy efficiency projects.

Called the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group, or EEFIG, the group was established by the European Commission in late 2013 as a result of the dialogue between Directorate-General for Energy ("DG Energy") and United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative ("UNEP FI").​

Both DG Energy and UNEP FI have been engaging with financial institutions and sector stakeholders to determine how to overcome challenges inherent to obtaining long-term financing for energy efficiency. The Commission foresees in 2016 to review the Directive on Energy Efficiency and integrate financial and bank tools and seeks to reinforce the presence of financial institutions within EEFIG.

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