​​​​​More than 30 policy areas affecting Europe's 885 savings and retail banks​ who serve 164 million Europeans

​​BRUSSELS, 28 October 2020 –  ESBG published today its latest overview of all advocacy positions covering a wide spectrum of subjects that affect financial services in Europe.

Released at the ESBG 2020 Retail Banking Conference ​​organised virtually and titled "Serving all European citizens", the publication tackles economic and social sustainability, explaining ESBG's stance on more than 30 policy areas affecting Europe's 885 savings and retail banks in 20 countries who serve more than 164 million Europeans. 

Topics within the publication ranged from prudential legislation to digital themes life payments and digital financial services. It also features an expanded section on sustainable finance as well as covering financial education. The booklet highlights how ESBG members swiftly responded to the urgent need for support of house​holds and SMEs following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Along with detailed positions and background to feed into the latest legislative policy debate, it presents facts and figures that demonstrate the impact of a sustainable savings and retail banking model on Europe's real economy. 

Proposals for each policy area provide ways to help shape public policy to forge a sustainable European financial services structure. Designed for policymakers and savings and retail banking sector stakeholders in Europe, the paper is available online now.

>> See position overview online