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ESBG welcomes new EU Commission President-elect

ESBG welcomes new EU Commission President-elect

​​Savings and retail banking association President Schleweis wishes Ursula von der Leyen every success in strengthening European model of a social market economy ​

BRUSSELS, 23 July 2019 – Savings and retail banking association ESBG today congratulated European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen on her nomination. 

​In a letter sent to her this week, association President Helmut Schleweis shared her enthusiasm for the European idea and the values of freedom, democracy and pluralism. He also noted that her office entails overall responsibility on areas such as social cohesion and sustainability, adding that climate change does not stop at the borders. 

 The letter also presents ESBG, a Brussels based association that helps Europe’s savings and retail banks thrive. Its members serving some 120 million people in Europe and financing the real economy, providing access to finance to private households and families and some €500 million in loans to SMEs. ESBG members place focus on being close to local communities. Anchored in their respective regions, those banks play an active role in financial education and hold a distinctly European perspective when it comes to EU policy – notably regional development, SMEs creation and expansion, as well as environmental and social needs. 

 “Saving and retail banks play an essential part of the European economic and social model,” Schleweis emphasised in the letter. “The Commission President has rightly committed in her agenda for Europe to support and further develop the specific European social-market economy". 

 “We wish every success for the presidency and stand ready to continue the good and intensive collaboration with the European Commission and other EU institutions so that we can bring Europe and its people towards new heights.” 


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