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​​​​New ESBG brochure explores impact made by savings and retail banks in local communities

>> English language version (.pdf)​| >> French version (.pdf)

>> German version (.pdf) | >> Spanish version (.pdf)​

​BRUSSELS, 28 November 2016 – ESBG published today a new brochure that provides an overview of the social value of savings and retail banks. Called Banking. Serving. Thriving, the document showcases the impact made by European savings and retail banks to boost the real economy while giving back to the communities they serve. ​

​It features facts and figures that aim to paint a clearer picture of what ESBG members value: responsibly managed banks that are retail focused and regionally present.  Primarily intended for advocacy purposes, it includes data on employment levels, branch numbers and balance sheet items, buttressed by case studies from savings and retail banks throughout Europe, showcasing a commitment to sustainable development, giving back to the communities we serve, and staying at the forefront of need through our foundation work.  The brochure also helps highlight how well ESBG member banks adhere to the ESBG Charter for Responsible Business.

ESBG data collection work for the brochure is based on indicators agreed by the ESBG CSR Committee, the body appointed as expert to provide input in this project.  

Financial inclusion; Responsible Business; Regional economy; SME finance; Capital Markets Union