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ESBG handbook released

ESBG handbook released

​​​​​​- New ESBG policy memorandum provides useful reference on EU banking policy topics 

- 70-page booklet ​explains role, impact of responsible, sustainable retail banking in Europe

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BRUSSELS, 2 October 2019 – ESBG member banks a make a substantial contribution to EU growth, stability and prosperity by weaving into the local and regional fabric, forming a major source of finance for people, households, SMEs and community institutions, says an new handbook released by the association. 

The booklet serves as serve as an introduction to financial regulation and the role that savings and retail banks play in the EU economy and overall society. The document is released as newly elected members of the European parliament take up a new legislative mandate. Titled "Serving all European citizens," it explains ESBG positions on a host of policy areas. 

About ESBG, its members and EU policymaking 

ESBG member institutions have long formed an integral part of the European model of the social market economy. They form group of efficient, high-performing institutions who remain close to people. Geared towards economic and social sustainability, the booklet focuses on more than 25 policy areas affecting Europe's more than 880 savings and retail banks located in more than 20 countries. Topics areas include:

  • Prudent Banking, specific rules: Basel III completion, non-performing loans, banking resolution
  • Clear information with less hassle: IFRS, AML, MiFID II, PRIIPs, distance marketing
  • The real economy Banks finance, SMEs, households: capital markets union, mortgage and customer credit directive
  • 21st Century Banking - Digital Connection: Crypto-assets, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Innovation Facilitators, Open Data Economy, Crowdfunding​
  • Sustainable Finance: Taxonomy, Green Bonds
  • Financial Education

Handbook released at European Parliament luncheon

The handbook was released today by ESBG during a lunch event with members of the European Parliament. Along with detailed positions and background to feed into the latest legislative policy debate, the booklet provides members with a first glimpse of savings and retail banking in Europe. It provides facts and figures that demonstrate the impact of a sustainable, retail banking model to some 150 million Europeans.

>> Read the han​dbook

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