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ESBG Retail Banking Conference: one month out

ESBG Retail Banking Conference: one month out

Showcases strength, vitality of retail banking



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​​​BRUSSELS, 11 February 2016 – ​The ESBG Retail Banking Conference scheduled for March 16 is fast approaching. This year's conference will showcase the strength and the vitality of retail banking and to highlight needs in the heart of European rule-making.

A can't miss event in EU banking policy circles, the event gives attendees a chance to explore further the issue of Better Regulation. It will explore how we can better serve our customers as well as what policy support is needed to keep banking relevant and robust so that Europe's real economy can flourish. 

The one-day event highlights the specific issues facing the retail and savings bank sector and what is needed when European rule-making is debated. Attendees will stay up to date on how both retail and savings banks are facing all aspects of European financial services regulation. 

Conference topics include: change of the savings and retail banking business model caused by new ways of doing banking in the innovation and digitalisation era; and the influence of the current economic environment on retail banking. ​


Proportionality; Retail payments; European Institutions; European Supervisory Authorities (EBA-ESMA); Digitalisation