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DSGV publishes ‘Report to society 2014’

DSGV publishes ‘Report to society 2014’


​ESBG member DSGV releases its annual ‘Report to Society’ for 2014. 

BRUSSELS, 27 August 2015 – The German Savings Banks Association report outlines the Savings Banks Finance Group's achievements in carrying out its public mandate and in the promotion of sustainable development in Germany. It is one of the two publications which compose the annual report of the Savings Banks Finance Group, complemented by "Financial Data", which provides key financial data on the business development of the Group at a glance.

The report displays the guiding principles of Saving Banks Finance Group, which are keys to its social work activities. These are:

  • Public mission and serving to society as a whole
  • Reducing complexity in Banking
  • Resource-efficiency
  • Sustainable prosperity and better quality of life for everybody

Each principle is explained in different sections of the report, which consists of several goals and commitments in its particular area. These commitments serve as instruments to build a framework for the concrete activities & projects and connect these principles to practice.

The report provides detailed information and data regarding the projects and activities that fall under these commitments, such as figures, achievement status and performance assessments. It also contains diverse examples of the projects for each commitment areas, such as investments in renewable energy or hosted vocational training activities.

>> See the ‘Report to Society 2014’​

Corporate Social Responsibility; Financial education; Financial inclusion; Responsible Business