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World Savings Day 2016: A closer look

World Savings Day 2016: A closer look

​​​​​​​​BRUSSELS, 24 October 2016 – World Savings Day is just around the corner.

Celebrated on and around 31 October, this year's World Savings Day includes two new videos recently produced by WSBI-ESBG that include interviews with members association members. The videos are available below and also at the World Savings Day website​​​.

World Savings Day in Austria

Three representatives of the Austrians Savings Banks – the Head of EU Office Roland Tassler, the Senior Adviser Daniela Umstätter-Steng, and the European Affairs Adviser Amrit Rescheneder – talk about the importance of saving, why the World Savings Day should be celebrated in all places and what kind of events take place in Austria during this date. Click on the image below or go here.

World Savings Day in Austria

World Savings Day in Germany

German Savings Banks Association Head of Department Wolfgang Neumann tell us about the World Savings Day celebrations in Germany and why they are essential for making people - especially the younger generations – aware of the importance of saving. Click on the image below or go here.

​World Savings Day in Germany

About this year's world saving day: Grabbing Hold of Your Financial Future

This year’s global theme is “Grabbing Hold of Your Financial Future”, which evokes the growing desire by people throughout the world to take control of their lives, especially when it comes to personal financing through savings. Celebrated on and around 31 October, World Savings Day includes events created by participating organisations, with ESBG members’ public awareness campaigns. 

To help tell the savings story, the WSBI-ESBG joint office has created a newly dedicated World Savings Day 2016 microsite that gives people a way to learn more about activities taking place in their area and who is hosting them. It also includes a link to a bit of history of World Savings Day. 

>> Visit: World Savings Day website​

>> Video: World Savings Day in Austria

>> Video: World Savings Day in Germany

World Savings Day