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Chris De Noose appointed chair of EBIC

Chris De Noose appointed chair of EBIC

​​Changeover comes as committee focuses on full slate of initiatives​

BRUSSELS, 20 February 2018 – EBIC announced today that Chris De Noose has been appointed chairman of the European Banking Industry Committee

(EBIC). Mr. De Noose, who is managing director of the European Savings and Retail Banking Group, succeeds Wim Mijs, chief executive of the European Banking Federation, who completed his one-year term for the committee.

Mijs has been appointed as EBIC vice-chair, replacing EBIC Vice-Chairman Hervé Guider, managing director of the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB), who also served a one-year term. The overall secretariat of EBIC, which rotates along with the chairmanship on an annual basis, will be in the hands of the EACB as of today.

​The annual changeover comes at a time when the committee is focusing on initiatives in the areas of prudential regulation, banking supervision, compliance related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CFT), as well as a number of topics in the retail banking area such as consumer and mortgage credit. The priorities for 2018 will remain the Risk Reduction Measures Package, the ESAs review and the follow up to the Action Plan on Consumer Financial Services.

​About EBIC

Founded in 2004, EBIC is committed to providing the common voice of the EU banking sector at large regarding EU financial legislation initiatives and banking practices and to maintaining an open and fruitful dialogue with the EU institutions and international bodies. An advisory committee regularly called upon to provide expertise in the field of financial services, EBIC provides a forum for European banking industry representatives to: exchange views and information on matters of common interest; ensure a representative and coordinated industry view on issues of common interest throughout the process of drafting, adopting, implementing and enforcing EU-financial legislation; and provide advice to the European institutions on initiatives, both at legislative and implementing levels. Learn more about EBIC at

​Contact: James Pieper, ESBG, +32 2 211 1192 or at


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Banking Structure Reform; Supervision; Regulation; Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing; Mortgage credit; Consumer Credit; European Supervisory Authorities (EBA-ESMA); European Institutions