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CSR Case Study: Bank of East Asia

CSR Case Study: Bank of East Asia


'BEA Foundation' reaffirms Hong Kong-based bank's commitment to the community.​

>> See story on page 54 of News & Views magazine

>> Visit the Bank of East Asia website​

The following is a story that appears in the latest WSBI-ESBG News & Views magazine, page 54.

BRUSSELS, 30 July 2020 – Since 2009, WSBI member The Bank of East Asia established The Bank of East Asia Charitable Foundation (“BEA Foundation”) to reaffirm its commitment to the community. Since its establishment, the BEA Foundation has partnered with major non-governmental organisations in Hong Kong to develop programmes that address important social needs including end-of-life care for the elderly, the strengthening of parent-child bonds, and educational support for children from under-resourced families.

BEA Foundation celebrates decade of dedication to our Community

BEA Foundation’s goals are aiding with personal development through the acquisition of skills, supporting mental health, empowering youths through education, and alleviating the hardships of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable. Our flagship community programmes include:

  • The Palliative Care in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly Programme

  • BEA Parent-Child Reading Programme

  • BEA “High Five” Club

  • BEA Inspiring Student Scholarship

  • BEA Youth Makerspace Programme

  • BEA Teen Café Youth Mental Health Promotion Project

As BEA Foundation enters its second decade, we will strive to touch the lives of even more people from different walks of life; relieving their burdens and helping them reach their full potential.

To learn more about the causes we support, please watch the video below:

Palliative Care Programme 

In 2010, The BEA Foundation together with "la Caixa" Banking Foundation and The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command (“The Salvation Army”) established the “Palliative Care in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly” Programme. The aim of the Programme has been to introduce a new model of care for the terminally ill in Hong Kong, to provide direct palliative and holistic care for patients and their families, and to promote collaboration and dialogue between residential homes, public hospitals, and the government.

In October 2015, The Salvation Army announced the publication of “The Palliative Care and End-of-life Care in Residential Care Homes Practice Manual”, a breakthrough in the development of palliative care in Hong Kong.

BEA Parent-Child Reading Programme 

Since 2013, the BEA Foundation has supported the BEA Parent-Child Reading Programme (“the Parent-Child Programme”), which is run in partnership with Hong Kong Sheung Kung Hui’s Religious Education Resource Centre. Designed primarily for families receiving Comprehensive Security Assistance, the Parent-Child Programme aims to foster an interest in reading among children, and to strengthen parent-child bonds. Over 360 schools have participated in the programme, which has provided subsidies to more than 12,400 underprivileged students and training to more than 350 librarians, teachers, and parents.

​BEA “High Five” Club 

Run in partnership with St James’ Settlement (“SJS”) since 2014, the BEA “High Five” Club provides after-school care to children whose parents work long hours to support their families. Participating children enjoy the companionship of SJS staff members who provide assistance on homework, organise activities to develop social skills, and arrange hot nutritious meals. In addition, BEA staff volunteers regularly visit the Club as “big brothers” and “big sisters”, serving as mentors, and organising various activities and field trips to scenic locales around Hong Kong.

To learn more about the BEA Foundation or its programmes, please contact the bank via email at

Visit their website at:, click on 'About', then 'Corporate Social Responsibility'.

Corporate Social Responsibility