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Belarusbank takes part in Global Money Week celebrations

Belarusbank takes part in Global Money Week celebrations

​​​​BRUSSELS,  23 May 2019 –  WSBI member Belarusbank took part in this year's Global Money Week (GMW) celebrations which were held from 25-31 March 2019​. ​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​During the preparation phase the bank participated in the GMW 2019 webinar organized by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI). Following CYFI recommendations, Belarusbank invited children, school pupils and university students to visit their offices and the ‘Thrift Museum’. Participants took part in financial games and various art competitions e.g. painting, photography and writing as part of CYFI's Learn.Save.Earn campaign. Other activities included finance-themed education fairs, lectures, and contests, jointly organized with schools, featuring students’ work on economics, as well as seminars and lessons.

Participants had the opportunity to meet with successful people living in their neighborhood, such as businessmen, employees and top executives. One of the most prominent participants of the events was Groshyk – the mascot and main character from the colorful Financial Literacy Book published by Belarusbank in 2017. The book's easy-to-understand fairtayle format teaches children and young people how to properly manage their money. It contains a lot of interesting and useful information, riddles as well as a glossary of the most commonly used ​financial terms. 

Belarusbank also held a country-wide tournament of intellectual games under the bank’s Platinum Owl Club. The tournament kicked off with qualification rounds in each of Belarus’ six regions, gathering around 900 school-age participants. The twenty winning teams then took part in the final round in Minsk on March 31. ​

Belarusbank organized around  500 GMW events with forty-eight thousand school pupils, university students and young employees. In the Year of Small Motherland, just as in the previous year, around 60% of the GM​W activities and events were focused in rural areas, small and medium-sized towns.

About Belarusbank

Belarusbank is the largest financial institution of the country offering  its customers more than 100 types of banking products and services, including cash settlements, lending, deposit banking, leasing, factoring, cash collection, international and interbank settlements, foreign currency exchange and conversion, plastic cards transactions, consulting and depository services. ​


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