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Banking. Serving. Thriving.

Banking. Serving. Thriving.

​​​​​​New brochure highlights WSBI members in Asia-Pacific region

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BRUSSELS, 14 June 2018 WSBI published this week a new brochure that showcases for the first time the impact made by Asian savings and retail banks to boost the real economy in local areas and how they give back to the communities they serve.

Called Banking.Serving.Thriving., the brochure ​provides a snapshot of the 26 WSBI members from the region through consolidated data and specific case studies. The data show that WSBI Asian members serve a large part of banked population. Among the 26 members in 17 countries, they together serve 1.1 billion clients, close to two-thirds of all clients served by the overall WSBI membership in 80 countries. Total assets by member in the Asia-Pacific region have swelled to US$3.5 trillion, about half the level of WSBI members in Europe​. Together, members in arguably the most dynamic economic region in the world have 66,827 outlets / branches, more than other regions within the institute's membership, and 602,477 employees.

Case studies from six countries in Asia

​​Case studies weaved into the 12-page document show how WSBI members serve their customers in the community, and how their efforts spur growth at regional level through a vast network of banks throughout Asia. The real-world cases come from member banks in China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand. Those case studies bring out to readers how members contribute to sustainable and inclusive development in the region.  

Banking.Serving.Thriving. showcasing series: Covering the globe region by region

The brochure is the third of a four-part showcasing series by WSBI and ESBG that highlight the main regions where WSBI-ESBG members provide banking services. The first "Banking.Serving.Thriving" brochure focused on Europe, highlighting the ESBG membership and their contribution to the communities they serve.

Another brochure published by WSBI in 2017 followed that provides an overview of the social value of savings and retail banks 

​in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Called in Spanish "BANCARIZANDO. SIRVIENDO. PROSPERANDO." (En español​ ​| English), it showcases the impact made by savings and retail banks in the region to boost the real economy while giving back to the communities they serve. Like the European and Asian editions,i​t too gives policymakers and stakeholders a glimpse of how savings and retail banking play a special role in people's l​ives. 



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