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ASBA, WSBI join forces

ASBA, WSBI join forces


​​Framework agreement to promote retail banking model

​BRUSSELS, 18 February 2020 – WSBI and the Association of Bank Supervisors of the Americas recently joined forces to develop and promote the retail banking model and promote a favorable regulatory environment for financial inclusion and education in the Americas. The agreement establishes a broad, flexible and long-term inter-institutional cooperation framework in the fields and topics in which both institutions have experience, knowledge and capabilities.

To achieve the framework cooperation agreement objectives, ASBA and WSBI will coordinate efforts to jointly develop specific programmes and projects to:

  • ​Strengthen financial inclusion, promote financial education and promote digitalisation and innovation.

  • Promote a regulatory environment that respects the principle of proportionality taking into account the corollary:  same business, same risks, same laws.

  • Exchange knowledge regularly in different formats: conferences, panels, courses, workshops, study visits, among others. 

  • Share experiences by exchanging best practices on key issues for the sector.

WSBI cooperation with ABSA forms part of its advocacy efforts to defend the business model and interests of its members in the Latin American and Caribbean region.


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