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ACRI and its members: supporting customers during Covid-19

ACRI and its members: supporting customers during Covid-19



BRUSSELS, 13 October 2020 – ESBG presents another video story from its membership, this time focusing on the role savings and retail banks play during the Covid-19 pandemic. We travelled to Italy to visit a local shoemaking company Giano which like many other small and medium-sized enterprises all around Europe has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking in the video, Enrico Paniccià, CEO and owner of the company, says that local bank Carifermo has been an ideal partner in helping overcome challenges and focus on the future.

​​Vice-President of the Association of Italian Foundations and Savings Banks (ACRI) Gerhard Brandstätter provides some insights into prompt actions and initiatives of their members that have been contributing to Italy's recovery.

About video series

This video is part of ESBG's video series that aims to provide real examples of our member banks and the communities they serve across Europe. You can watch the previous video from Spain here.

About ESBG

European Savings and Retail Banking Group represents the locally focused European banking sector, helping savings and retail banks in 21 European countries strengthen their unique approach that focuses on service to local communities and SMEs. An advocate for a proportionate approach to banking rules, ESBG unites at EU level some 885 banks, which employ 656,000 people driven to innovate at 48,900 outlets. ESBG members provide €1 trillion in corporate loans, including to SMEs, and serve 150 million Europeans seeking retail banking services. ESBG members stand committed to further unleash the promise of sustainable, regional, retail and responsible 21st-century banking.​