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Giving & receiving: Financial flows between young people, their parents

Last year I was part of a team that conducted a Financial Diaries study of young people in Morocco, Nigeria, and

Agency banking for merchants takes hold in Morocco

Agency banking, when a third party (agent) provides financial services outside of bank offices, took its first, tentative steps earlier this year in Morocco following new regulations enacted in 2017.

Centenary Bank in Uganda signs on to Scale2Save

WSBI and Centenary Bank signed recently a memorandum of understanding for a new Scale2Save project to help small-scale savings work in Uganda

WSBI, BRAC Uganda Bank Ltd join forces

WSBI and BRAC Uganda Bank Ltd (BUBL) look to widen financial inclusion in Uganda by digitising low-balance savings accounts.

Morocco’s Al Barid Bank signs MoU with WSBI to make small scale savings work

​​​​Digitally focused project launches in 2018, aims for 250,000 new customers. Morocco's Al Barid Bank and WSBI this month signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a digitally focused postal savings bank to drive greater financial inclusion.