Scale2Save Campaign

Micro savings, maximum impact.

What to expect from the webinar ?S2S is a partnership initiative between WSBI and the Mastercard Foundation that started in 2016 and has to date reached 1.3 m low-income savers across six countries in Africa.


We’ve been working with a mix of 10 FSPs in Africa to enable them to better serve the underserved and unbanked population, in Nigeria specifically we’ve been targeting market women and smallholder farmers through our partnerships LAPO MFB and FCMB.

S2S supports FSPs so that savings become a viable business opportunity. We believe that savings can contribute to greater financial resilience of low income people. For that we aim to understand the type of services low income people value, appreciate and need, and what they are using their savings for.

Research and data collection is therefore an integral part of S2S: This Toolkit started in fact with financial diaries research that we conducted in Nigeria but also in Morocco, Senegal, then complemented with qual data and Findex data as the macro-level framework.

Once the research was concluded we did ask ourselves how can we make these vast amounts of data best of use to our partner FSPs, rather than producing many pages of research reports. The Webinar will guide through the process from data collection to Toolkit creation and about the end result of that process.