ESBG 2023 Financial Education Conference.

Financial education is a core competence of the global network of savings and retail banks.

To be used on the day of the event: #FINED23

By focusing on the Youth, ESBG members are ensuring that financial education is passed down through families and vital skills are learnt to set up their futures.

This conference gathers an international reputed multidisciplinary panel of experts ranging from EU Commission, country financial regulators, Central Banks and private sector that will actively discuss challenges faced by youth and propose possible solutions to develop a better financial education in our societies.

The European Commission has declared 2023 the Year of Skills, which of course includes financial education, one of life’s most important skills, in our opinion. In addition, the European Commission and OECD-INFE have worked together on a financial competency framework for youth.

Social media platforms are a hive of information – some reliable, some not. By learning how to identify what is good information, and what could be more risky, young people can learn to protect their money and help it grow in a safe way, with calculated risks.
This timely conference coincides with the World Savings Day on 31st October.


Peter Simon

Managing Director, WSBI-ESBG

Montserrat Martínez Parera

Vice Chair, National Securities Market Commission (CNMV)

Gabriela Ramos

Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO

Roeland Monasch

CEO, Aflatoun

Kristina Velkovska

Chief Finance Officer at JA Europe

Karolin Schriever

Executive Board Member, DSGV


Director, Horizontal policies (DG FISMA at the European Commission)

Magda Bianco

Head of Consumer Protection and Financial Education Banca d’Italia (Banca d’Italia)

Philip List

Director of the Financial Life Park (FLiP) (Erste Group Bank AG) / Advocate for Financial Literacy & Inclusion


Expert Consumer Protection & Innovation – Conduct, Payments, Consumers Unit – European Banking Authority


President, ESBG European Saving Banks Group. Fédération Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne FNCE



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