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ESBG Spotlight: European Payments – taking Stock of current developments

In the Spotlight: Dr. Joachim Schmalzl, Executive Member of the Board of DSGV

WSBI Encuentro Internacional de Líderes de Banca Retail

17 Marzo 2023 | Cartagena de Indias, Colombia | Tendencias globales en educación financiera, ciberseguridad y finanzas sostenibles

WSBI International Retail Banking Leaders Conference

17 March 2023 | Cartagena de Indias, Colombia | Global trends on financial education, cybersecurity and sustainable finance

The 28th African Regional Group Meeting convenes in Cape Verde

Representing 27 financial institutions from 20 countries, WSBI Africa Regional Group convened in Cape Verde during 6-7 October 2022.

WSBI – 28th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Group

The goal is to give a platform and a voice to socially responsible banking institutions to discuss and advance their interests with the world’s most consequential decision-makers

Payment Fintech:Quo Vadis?

ESBG Spotlight 6 December 2022 – Jan Vermeulen (NBB), Payment Fintech: Quo Vadis?