BRUSSELS, 22 December 2020 –​ ESBG, together with 17 other European associations recently signed a joint statement on the European Data Protection Board supplementary measures. ESBG points to the impact of data flows for Europe: Whether for consumers buying products or services through their bank accounts, medical research or suppliers collaborating to overcome a health crisis, paymasters remunerating employees, travellers booking a flight or a hotel.

ESBG considers that the current draft recommendations released by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) will make Europe’s ability to operate within the global economy unreasonably impractical. The draft recommendations are overly prescriptive, mandate specific technical measures in all situations and focus on unworkable end-to-end encryption. The draft recommendations create legal uncertainty and hamper the free flow of data, causing a negative impact on digital trade and the benefits it offers Europe’s society.