Banking in 2030 – How will the current global trends, especially AI, shape the post[1]Covid19 pandemic future of the European banking industry and its employees?

This is a call for a subcontractor to provide expertise as part of implementation of the Social Partners in the European Banking Sector’s project on “Banking in 2030”.

The deadline for submission of bids is Friday 22 July 2022. The European Social Partners for the banking sector (EBF-BCESA and Associated Partners EACB, ESBG, and UNI Europa Finance) have a long history of running successful, joint EU funded projects. The European Commission granted funding most recently for a 2016-2020 two-waves project on the ‘Impact of banking regulation on employment. Analyzing best practice at European, national and company level and developing joint approaches through “European Social Dialogue”, which was successfully completed.

This new project builds on the structure and findings of the previous ones, adding however a new dimension represented by digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Project this project has the following objectives: (1) to perform a qualitative analysis on how the development of Artificial Intelligence and digitalization, will affect the banking industry and its employees in the upcoming decade and what will be the effects of the COVID19 pandemic and banking regulation in this scenario (2) exchange experiences and examples on the impact of AI/digitalization and the Covid-19 pandemic on the banking sector in Europe and the effects on the employees; and (3) based on these findings, to develop and present to relevant stakeholders a joint European Social Partner approach on to provide recommendation on how to mitigate the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Covid-19 through legislation and how Social Partners can positively support these changes