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Embrace the ''New Normal''

Embrace the New Normal : Fully Digital, Hybrid or In Person.
Banks engage in building innovative, secure, and reliable services to enable the customer financial journey and build long-lasting relationships with them. Banks invest heavily in innovation, taking a digital path, keeping a human touch. WSBI-ESBG enables idea creation and inspiration between savings and retail banks as well as innovation frontrunners. Its experts work on several digital, hybrid or in person workstreams, supporting policy that fuels innovation through a level-playing field and keeps in view customer protection.

Conference on cyber security in banks

Virtual Panel | 28 January 2022 Cyber security and fighting cyber crime are among the top concerns for all banks across the globe. News on identity and data theft, various cyber-attacks, security…

“It’s the labour supply, stupid”

Virtual Event | 27 January 2022 | 14.30 CET ​The coronavirus (COVID-19) shock affected some demographic groups’ labour force participation rate differently from what past cyclicality would suggest.…

Bank financing for SMEs must be protected in Basel III finalization

Brussels, Belgium | 9 November 2021 | The European Parliament (EP) should revise the measures that would eventually limit bank financing for ’unrated companies in the European Commission (EC)’s…