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A mindset.

Savings and retail banks worldwide face a mindset change. They are embracing the change fuelled by new technology, changing customer demands, banking rules and a new financial world. That means locally focused banks hunt for ways to use the latest technology to create real-life applications that serve people throughout their customer journey and daily banking needs. 

Innovation means joining up people with technology. It goes beyond following IT or the banking sector. The best answers provide the easiest and most secure service for people, which arrive by bridging the physical-digital gap. To do this, banks tackle the digitial 'new normal' on many fronts from management know-how, upgraded worker skills, culture change, modernised backoffice and frontoffice, and rethinking the customer journey.


How banks innovate.

Read on for some articles, videos and opinion pieces from WSBI-ESBG, its members or partners on i​nnovation.

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The future of banking.

Interviews with innovation experts.










C-suite voices on innovation.



Tomorrow’s banking rests with a changing client need

Swedbank Chief Executive Birgitte Bonnesen writes in the latest WSBI-ESBG News & Views.

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Artificial intelligence is more an opportunity than threat

Norwegian savings banks have started to incorporate robotics into their banking systems. These robots are no kind of Star Wars characters, as the association's Managing Director Ole Morten Geving explains.

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Digital technology brings opportunities for inclusive finance​

Q & A with Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Lv Jiajin on how the Bank promotes the development of inclusive finance with digital technology. ​

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Danish banks invest in digitisation, automation and new payment systems​

Chief executive of newest ESBG member LOPI presents his association, discusses main challenges.

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Financial inclusion & digitisation

​WSBI President Heinrich Haasis on how digitisation is changing the way to approach banking.



Regulation, digitisation, reputation

​CaixaBank Chairman Jordi Gual shares how banks deal with all three.



The future of retail banking​​​

WSBI’s Chris De Noose shares how banks embrace the digital wave​.



High-tech driving better banking

BANSEFI Director General Virgilio Andrade​ shares Mexican bank's strategy on FinTech, digitisation, financial inclusion​​​​​​​​​

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WSBI-ESBG French member revamps retail banking efforts

Groupe BPCE, prior to the launch of its future strategic plan, unveils a plan to transform its retail banking activities.


Digitalisation & policy.



FinTech policy & banks: The need for a framework that boosts innovation

ESBG's detailed response to Commission FinTech consultation

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>> ESBG response to EU Commission FinTech Action Plan​ | >> WSBI-ESBG Position on Digitisation ​ 

>> General position on Digital Single Market Agenda | >> ESBG Paper on EBA's FinTech approach 




Dedicated interfaces: the only viable answer to PSD2 customer account access

An opinion piece  by first appeared this month in Payments & Fintech Lawyer magazine and will appear in the September edition of WSBI-ESBG News & Views magazine. Diederik Bruggink , Senior Adviser Payments at the European Savings and Retail Banking Group, provides his opinion on the debate, arguing that dedicated interfaces are the only viable option.​ >> Read now | >> Payments Position




Outsourcing to cloud service providers 

ESBG Position Paper on Draft EBA recommendations ​under Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010 

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​Cyber threats, constantly enhancing cybersecurity a challenge.






Data Protection & Data Flow​

It is essential that European legislation does not create an obstacle for Europe's businesses in the area of big data technology.


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Digital Skills​

​ESBG signs joint declaration that addresses impact of modern tech on sector employment.

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Why digitisation is important.

Bangkok Resolution

​Digital shift helps members reach financial inclusion aim.

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>> Discover: WSBI Universial Financial Acess 2020 pledge


Washington Declaration 

​​Statement of the 2015 World Congress of Savings and Retail Banks: "Savings and Retail Banks in a Digitised World".

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Digital Financial Inclusion: Digital financial services boost financial access

​​​​​​​​​​​WSBI’s Natalie Staniewicz and Ian Radcliffe share insights in News & Views magazine insight piece.

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An historic look at banking innovation

J. Carles Maixé-Altés of the Universitat de La Coruñas to look at history of innovation by savings and retail banks.​




​Can the digital wave help get more people access to bank services?

WSBI’s video news roundup "Exchange" tries to answer​​.

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