​​Understanding the Poor​

​​The poor dominate the "unbanked" In most countries where the project is active, it is the mass-middle market (what the international community calls the ​moderately/near poor) that dominates the unbanked population.

What do the poor require when accessing financial services? The financial services needs of the poor are not so different from those that are better off, but they have different priorities. The program has identified six key needs.

When working with the informal sector, new solutions need to mirror those that are already in place, but with improved convenience and safety.

Cashflow in households We wanted to understand two things: 1. Who spends how much within a household? 2. What is the divide between urban and rural households? Very often it is the case that the poor live even with less then. The Worldbank open source data helped us to understand how much $2 per/day means for local people in real USD.

Reaching into rural areas – It is challenging for banks to reach rural areas without mobile money transfers and tie-ups with village groups. The lower the population density, the more difficult it is to operate agents sustainably. More alternative partnerships are needed.​