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Affordable for both banks and client – Accounts need to be balanced so that they are affordable for both banks and clients. Our affordability envelope balances the client‘s need to keep the cost low through partnerships with banks and mobile operators. The challenge for banks is to reach a critical mass of customers that allows it break even on its upfront investment and the small fees it has to pay.

How much are clients willing to pay for a transaction? – We have developed a tool kit to calculate how much clients are willing to pay for a transaction. This calculates the actual purchasing power parity (PPP) for each country and how much customers are willing to pay for financial transactions in rural areas. e.g; 10 US cents per dollar mobilised for a small balance deposits in a rural areas compared to 15 US cents in, peri-urban locations and towns. The concept of the affordability envelope, suggests that the price of a five-transaction bundle has to match or be lower than what clients are paying for the same bundle of transactions in the informal sector.​