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Dormancy is the biggest blocking factor to small-scale savings – Dormancy is an industry-wide problem, with millions of customers having accounts with financial institutions that they do not use.

Digitising the payment of government grants – This a great way to introduce people to the formal financial system, but the challenge is encourage people to use this money electronically for onward payments, P2P transfers, and savings, rather than immediately withdraw it as cash.

Data analytics and bulk messaging – This helps banks to understand and influence customer behaviour, encouraging more active use of financial services.

Participatory action research (PAR) and co-creation techniques with young people – This has helped us to better understand how the needs of young people can be translated into the redesign of existing youth products.

Customer-centred products and channels – These will replicate ordinary people’s day-to-day financial activities, going beyond a good-quality service offer and standard KYC assessments to replicate existing behaviour digitally in a safer and more convenient way, and in a language that poor people understand.​