A train-the-trainer workshop can build a pool of competent instructors who can then teach the material to other people. Instead of having just one instructor who teaches a course for a long time, you have multiple instructors teaching the same course at the same time. This ensures that employees get timely training to complete tasks according to company policies and procedures.


To enable participants develop presentation skills and effective professional trainingtechniques.

Contents highlights:
1. The role of the trainer
2. Managing the training cycle
3. Training needs analysis, design, delivery, evaluation
4. Personal learning nature and creating learning environments
5. Communication skills for trainers / group communication and team building skills
6. Teaching techniques
7. Using media for learning success
8. Training evaluation
9. Giving feedback and assessment criteria
10. Your action plan including your dos and not do’s

Workshop style with lectures, role plays, questionnaires, video discussions, presentations.

Public target :
Trainers and potential trainers

Duration : 3 days​