Financial inclusion matters to individuals, their families and their small enterprises. For banks and other financial service providers, the untapped market for financial services is an enormous and increasingly viable opportunity, one that will undoubtedly grow in the coming decade.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to scope and scale their unbanked market potential, understand what usability really means, and develop business models to deliver affordability in a sustainable way.

Content’s highlights:

The course builds on tools and techniques developed under WSBI’s “Doubling Savings Accounts Programme” for building customer numbers, balance sheets and bottom-line profit as a consequence of delivering greater financial inclusion.

The seminar focuses on designing sustainable savings services for very small savers in urban, semi-urban, semi-rural and rural areas. It also analyses the best distribution channels in terms of accessibility and affordability for both the customer and the bank.


Highly interactive sessions with practical exercises with local figures and a simulation model that allows you identifying the business potential in your country.

Senior managers responsible for strategic planning, marketing, and payment services.

Duration: 5 days