Change is an ongoing process which requires organizations and people to adapt to new business models and patterns they were not prepared for. In periods of disruptive changes, which means, in periods that require a whole lots of efforts but that do not show quick benefits, individuals and teams need to be informed, re-assured, trained, mentored in order to understand the change, adapt to it, take on new tasks and responsibilities, and feel in ‘control’ again until they see the benefits of the change for them.

During periods of disruptive changes, those who are in charge of people management need to be leader, manager and coaches depending on the situation in order to accompany and drive their team and achieve the results, which are required.


The seminar provides tools and generates experiences that will help people leading others and themselves through changing periods. In particular, it aims at building a positive environment, at better understanding oneself and others’ behaviors and attitudes. It provides the necessary tools to help people living with change and to better communicate towards team and individuals in periods of changes.

Content’s highlights:

1. Apprehending a change in a positive and constructive way

2. The change and its outcomes on the organization

3. Building a positive environment: better knowing one another and our organization

4. The change and its impact on people

5. Team members ‘needs as individuals and as a team: how to fulfil them in periods of change

6. Dealing with uncertainties

7. Leading and using communication to move people forward

8. Giving a good feedback

9. Relaying the strategy effectively

10. Action plan

Public target: Managers and potential managers (high potentials)

Methodology: The seminar is based on a well-structured scenario in order to guide the subject matter. Presentations, role play, team works, and games punctuate every day.

Duration: 3 days