Every single organization has to sell something internally or externally and each individual is a provider and a client. Sales and customer services are critical issues which have a direct impact on image, reputation and profitability. These need special attention for long-term success and institution sustainability.

Objectives: The programme aims at equipping participants with the skills and techniques required in providing exceptional, quality customer service in a dynamic competitive environment.

Content’s highlights:

The course imparts new sales techniques through effective methods leading to personal impact and business results in order to attain business objectives on a customer needs- based selling approach.

Participants enhance their knowledge and communication skills for the provision of better customer care and they develop the right entrepreneurial mind-set and positive attitude towards all customers

Methodology: Workshop style with lectures, role plays, questionnaires, games, presentations.

Public/target: Banks, MFI, micro-entrepreneurs, corporate sector: senior and potential managers with marketing and sales responsibilities.

Duration: 3 to 4 days

Simulation can be added to this programme: it is a computer-based business simulation which aims at improving market penetration and extending market share, intensifying customer loyalty, optimizing pricing, market research, marketing and PR, and organizing marketing campaigns: 5 days for the simulation only​