Banks and proximity banks, in essence, have to manage and mitigate all their risks and to rely on efficient branch management. Considering that WSBI targets proximity financial institutions, rural banking is one of the training targets.



· To assess and analyses their bank’s risk model

· To develop risk management policies in line with their culture and risk appetite based strategy

· To understand the new risk management requirements

· To identify the gaps between actual and recommended risk

· To acquire the relevant practices to improve the performances

· To monitor and manage the risks

· To follow the risks and adapt the practices in a timely manner

· To report effectively

Content’ shighlights: The training analyses how banks/MFIs manage credit risk, asset and liability risk including liquidity risk, market risk, insurance and investment risk, operational risk, legal and regulatory risk, external risk, and strategy risk. The training provides all the necessary tools to mitigate these risks and analyses the infrastructure that is necessary to manage them as well as to organize their follow-up. The simulation sets up a competition between participants on the above topics, which requires using strategic thinking and planning, and applying knowledge on liquidity, market, counterpart, operational and other risks.

Methodology: Workshop style with lectures

Public/target: Bank and MFI senior and potential managers with risk related responsibilities.

Duration: 2 to 3 days