Nowadays, leading a company is not so much a question of imposing your views and having the last word but much more and better, by reaching a consensus with your peers and managers. This consensus must obviously be I line with the strategy of the bank and allow you to achieve your objectives as a leader!

This means that you need to understand what others’ agendas, to explain yours, to deal with divergences of views, to negotiate. As leader, your role will be to align your team’s members with the strategy and get them to work together to achieve it as one team. In order to be successful, you will be required to adapt your management style to this environment.

Certain objectives will require skills and behaviours that are familiar to you and some others which are not: the first are your strengths and the others are, what we call, the ‘blind spots’ or areas for potentials. If you want to reach your goals, you need to be clear with both your strengths and blind spots and learn how to optimise them. This will be the objective of this seminar.


· To dramatically increase leadership capacity and the ability to produce results;

· To optimize your leadership style who/whatever the people or the situation you are dealing with;

· To improve your ability to communicate effectively;

· To increase your impact at work and in front of a community;

· To enhance management effectiveness, and raise productivity.

Content’s highlights:

· What kind of a leader am I? : Through the identification of your personality type, this session will provide you with informed decisions about your own leadership and management preferences. It is based on is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI).

· How do I manage and do I manage as successfully as I would like? The required managerial skills are related to the work environment and to the expected goals. Do your natural abilities suit to the environment and goals pursued?

· How can I better impact people and my environment: this session will show you how to use your strengths and potentials in order to optimize your leadership style?

· How to leverage leadership polarities in order to improve your leadership and management style in your day to day work.

This seminar is tailored for board members and high-level executives.

Methodology: The seminar will provide general examples, business cases and games that will help you identify your leadership skills and potentials; you will then experiment how to use both in order to align your purpose and actions to the situation and strategic objectives you pursue.

Duration: 2 days 1/2