Mobile and/or branchless (agent) banking

As demand for proximity and convenience banking transactions has increased dramatically in recent years, banks and MFIs are making significant investments in their distribution channels, particularly in online and mobile phone banking linked to the set-up of agent networks. However, there are some critical success factors that point the way to mobile banking success.

Objectives: To provide a global picture of the new challenges raised by the diversification of the distribution channels, including mobile phone banking, agent banking and village banking and its impact on the bank’s revenues, the role of the branch and the satisfaction of the customer.

Content’s highlights: This course highlights these critical success factors together through analysis of the ecosystem, agents’ selection criteria, customer needs, incentives for agents, liquidity management and data analytics. It also covers the risks that are generated by working with agents and through mobile banking.

Methodology: Interactive sessions with presentations, discussion of business cases in workshops.

Public/target: Bank and senior and potential managers and every manger involved in distribution.

Duration: 2 to 3 days​