Many organizations face challenges in aligning their direction and focus resulting in a loss of the company’s vision and mission even though they are displayed prominently on the company’s website. Working in silos may often be observed in those companies, which can have disastrous results: interruption of the communication’s flow, misunderstanding between people and power games may end in underperformance, demotivation, absenteeism and resignation. Getting management teams in line with the company strategy is therefore essential.


This seminar aims to align the management with the bank’s strategy and objectives, provide innovative management tools, strengthen managers’ competence and give new direction and meaning to one’s work. It also has for objective to improve and to reinforce the group’s cohesion and commitment.

Content’s highlights:

1. The company’s strategy and planning

2. Sharing a vision and setting up an ambition

3. Reviewing the company’s values

4. Building a management charter

5. Management commitment

6. Translating the management charter into management practices

7. The expected managers’ competences and skills

8. The team: its role and its strengths

9. Relaying the strategy

10. Planning the future and making it happen

Public/target: Members of the Management Committee


The facilitator acts like a coach who encourages participants to look inward in order to express their “know-how” and “know how-to-be”. Participants can then become actors and build the framework of their future environment, while the facilitator is there to broaden the scope of action, validate the managers’ resources and boost confidence. The role of the facilitator is also to encourage taking actions, planning the work and ensure that it will happen in the best possible and most realistic conditions.

Duration: 4 days