The Management by Objectives (MBO) focuses on the translation of the overall strategy of the organization, particularly the commercial part in annual business objectives. These objectives are broken down by department, project, per unit to the individual level and must reflect the contribution of each division, unit, and individual to the Bank's strategy. Once the objectives are developed, piloting or regular follow-up phase of the proper implementation of action plans starts in order to achieve the business objectives. The managers will then be in charge of effectively implementing their MBO.

Monitoring this phase is critical as it is means to maintain the team’s commitment and keep they motivated throughout the process.


- Achieving the results in terms of return and development of the company

- Mobilizing heads of units and departments and branches around the company’s

strategic objectives

- Defining the performance to be reached by each department and cascade the responsibilities throughout the organization.

Content’s highlights:

1. MBO, key factors of success, pre-requisites, expected outcomes

2. The objectives: their link to the strategy and how to formulate them

3. How to cascade objectives throughout a unit/department

4. Piloting and monitoring the objectives: the action plan, the key performance indicators

5. Management styles and attitudes

6. Implementation

7. Piloting and monitoring

8. Team commitment and engagement

9. Performance analysis

Methodology: Presentations illustrated with business cases, and regularly punctuated by team works, simulations, role paying and exercises.

Public/target: Managers, Heads of departments, of units, of branches and their assistants.

Duration: 2 days