Bearing in mind that ultimately it is far cheaper to maintain a customer than it is to acquire a new one and that satisfied customers can equal free advertising, customer service and communication remains a crucial tool for boosting market share.


· To identify and understand the needs of the customer
· To develop and enhance communication and negotiation skills
· To empower the persons in charge of customer relationships in handling self, individuals and tasks leading to the achievement of personal and business objectives
· To learn how to build a long term relationship with the customer and increase his or her loyalty toward the bank
Content ’s highlights:
1. Understanding Customer Needs;
2. Creating a relationship with the customer (from transaction to customer
3. Managing the relationship
4. Event management: Another way to sell
5. Organizing the branch
6. Organizing the branch
7. Organizing the sales team
8. Planning
9. Enhancing Communication Skills
10. Handling Customer Objections
11. Customer Needs Based Selling
12. Creating a Quality Service Oriented Organization Culture
13. Relationship Banking
Public/target: Heads of departments and branch managers and their assistants.

Duration: 3 days​