The programme covers all the activities of a branch manager: marketing to low- income segments (2 days), financial management (2 days), (micro) credit analysis (2 days), branch and sales force organization (2 days), customer services (2 days), team management (2 days).

The objectives are to provide with (1) a global picture of the new challenges raised by the diversification of the distribution channels and its impact on the management of the branch and the satisfaction of the customerand (2) management tools for an effective management of the branchas regards activities, objectives, teams and individuals.

Content’s highlights:

Strategic aspects and marketing policies*, Risk and credit risk management for SME’s*, Financing MFIs*, distribution policies*, Sales and Customer service*, team management and management by objectives*.

Methodology: In class room with presentations, discussions on many business cases, workshops, team building games, etc.

Or we can also organize a computer-based simulation game: The simulation programme creates a realistic banking environment for participants. Participants are grouped into “management teams”, each team managing a hypothetical branch of a separated bank.

The simulation programme aims at enhancing functional knowledge, management sills, teamwork orientation, and global competitiveness awareness. This interactive simulation covers the following elements: customers, marketing, distribution channels, processes and operations, human resources and financial management: 4 days

Target: Bank and MFI senior and potential managers with a special focus on branch managers.

Duration: two days per topic* and five days for the simulation (or only 3 if you follow the other courses)​