Created: March 2016


To achieve the level of innovation required for competitive advantage today, we need to achieve a better balance of power throughout organizations. Employees need to be more fully engaged in lacking strategic decisions, and in planning and organizing more of their own work. To break the stranglehold of the “organization-as-person metaphor”, employees need to share in strategic thinking. Such ownership is the only way to achieve deep engagement. 



To develop and enhance communication and motivational skills in handling self, individuals and tasks, leading to the achievement of personal and business objectives. To manage change effectively, enabling people to overcome resistance to change. To learn to lead, not only to manage, building teams from people they are entrusted to supervise / manage. 


Contents highlights:

1. Apprehending a change in a positive and constructive way

2. Responsibility versus accountability

3. Leadership versus management versus coaching

4. Leadership styles, skills and for results

5. Motivation : self and team members

6. Interpersonal communication skills

7. Organizational communication

8. Assertive communication for leaders

9. Coaching skills

10. Problem solving

11. Leading change

12. Your action plan


Public / target:

Public target Managers and potential managers (high potentials)


Methodology :

The seminar is based on a well-structured scenario in order to guide the subject matter.

Presentations, role play, team works, and games punctuate every day.


Duration: 3 days