Engaging with External Shareholders

WSBI has a long-standing experience and success in elaborating and defending positions that promote the retail banking model and the vision of its members towards international policy makers, supervisors and regulators such as the G20, Financial Stability Board (FSB), the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) and the World Bank Group. The shared member objective is to enable an international banking framework for savings and retail banks that recognises their business models that contribute to support the real economy. Some examples of how WSBI shapes international regulatory policy:

WSBI International Regulatory Policy initiatives

Annual high-level meetings with key organisations: IMF, World Bank, United Nations etc.

Research work and publications on corporate governance and access to finance, on Doubling savings accounts for the poor, etc.

Representation in various organisation : European Microfinance Platform, Child an Youth Finance International, Global Forum on Remittances, International Network on Financial Education.


Through its informed contributions to the EU legislative process, ESBG makes sure that the voice of savings and retail banking is heard by the policymakers who shape the financial regulatory environment in which all banks must operate. It fiercely defends and advocates the retail banking business model as a crucial component not only of the European financial system but also of the European economy as a whole.