the Environment

Some ESBG and WSBI members have a longstanding commitment to supporting environmental projects financially and raising public and stakeholders’ awareness on the importance of protecting and preserving the environment.

The collective commitment of ESBG members to the environment was demonstrated by the adoption of an Environment Resolution on 6 May 2008. This was presented to stakeholders at an ESBG Conference on “Environmental Challenges and Opportunities: towards a greener European savings and retail banking sector“, which took place in Brussels on 7 May 2008. 
As part of their general commitment to the environment, ESBG and its members are also committed to contributing to the global effort to combat climate change. Accordingly they have drawn up and endorsed a Guidance Framework on Climate Change for ESBG members in December 2008. This was followed by workshops to allow ESBG members to exchange information and best practice for members and to encourage them to adopt a climate change strategy in their organisations. 

In the light of this activity as well as the lead up to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen from 7– 18 December 2009, ESBG and its members have reconfirmed their commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change. ​