Los ganadores de años anteriores presentaron estudios de alta calidad:

Proettel (Thorsten). Path dependencies in European savings banks: The Impact of fundamental decisions during the wave of foundations 200 years ago. ​
​Thol (Carolin). Poverty relief and financial inclusion: Savings banks in Nineteenth Century Germany.


Fernández Olit (Beatriz).  Financial Inclusion in Spain. A comparative study among Banks, Savings Banks and Cooperative Banks.

Perriton (Linda). Depositor trends in the Limehouse Savings Bank, London, between 1830 and 1876.

Mc Laughlin (Eoin). Savings banks in Ireland, 1817-1914.
​Pistola (Jorge Renato). Growing from Crises. The Portuguese Savings Bank Montepio Geral in the nineteenth-century. 

Lindstrand (Angelika), Lindbergh (Jessica). SME's dependency on banks during international expansion.


​Gärtner (Stefan).​ Balanced Structural policy: German Savings Banks from a Regional Economic Perspective.

​Vegholm (Fatima). Bank Identity and image : a gap affecting the bank-SME relationship? A case of a local savings bank in Sweden.

​Tournié (Vincent). Money, savings and political crises in 20th-century France 


​Sturm (Beate). The Early Modern System of Personal Loans as a Structural Basis for the First Foundations of Savings Banks.

​Butzbach (Olivier). Varities within Capitalism? The modernisation of French and Italian Savings Banks, 1980-2000.